Picture Of Geordie Shore’s Gaz Sparks Harassment Debate

Geordie Shore’s Gary Beadle might conjur up all sorts of different things in your mind. But a feminist debate? Probably not so much…

But. That’s exactly what’s just happened.

After a picture surfaced of the MTV star on Facebook, a debate about sexual harassment ensued.

Let us explain.

A nightclub in Suffolk, which goes by the name of Unit 17, used a picture of Gary to promote an A-level club night. It’s not really clear as to whether he posed specifically for this purpose, but the snap was clearly taken of Gaz at one time or another.

>Image: Facebook Unit 17


The picture shows the party-lover clutching onto the boobs of two staff members.

Face palm.

After receiving a huge backlash on their Facebook page, Unit 17 was forced to delete their post.

Helen Taylor, founder of the Suffolk Feminist Society, said, ‘Our members were very concerned when they saw the promotion on Unit 17’s Facebook page.​

‘The issue wasn’t just that it caused us offence, it is that the advert was offensive.’

She contined, ‘We are hopeful that working with Unit 17 and the Deltic Group on rolling out their We Care initiative here in Ipswich will help to combat the negative image that we think has been created.’

‘We are in the process of arranging a meeting to talk to them about making sure that a zero tolerance approach towards sexual assault and harassment is a key part of the training and promotion of We Care.’

‘Above all, we want young women to feel secure in the knowledge that they can visit Unit 17 and not feel vulnerable and that everyone knows it is not acceptable.’

>Gary is famous for starring in Geordie Shore


The club has also issued a statement, claiming that the whole thing was one big mistake: ‘We do not tolerate or condone sexual harassment of any kind and work hard to ensure that Unit 17 provides a safe and welcoming environment for all our guests.’

‘The Facebook post, which we have removed, was unacceptable and we apologise for any offence caused.’

They have also said that they’ll be ‘retraining’ their social media team.