So Gary From First Dates Didn’t Go Down Well

If you’re a First Dates fan, then you’ll remember Gary from this week’s show.

Gary was a 50-year-old singleton looking for love, and ended up being paired with beautiful blonde bombshell Wendy. Lucky Gary.

We actually quite liked Gary at first, and our hearts went out to him after hearing about how his ex-wife had run off with his best pal. Poor Gary.

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cici first dates waitress Cici


However, once Gary and Wendy got into their date, we decided that Gary was actually the WORST MAN ON EARTH after he was rude to our beloved First Dates waitress, Cici.

When Cici came to clear the pair’s plates, Gary decided to show what a firm-handed, assertive man he was by saying to her: ‘You know when she said before she was going to have another drink? Erm, hello. I mean, do you see it?’

cici first dates waitress Cici handled the whole thing *very* professionally…


EXCUSE ME?? Of course, because Cici is a total professional, she replied politely by saying: ‘It’s waiting at the bar sir.’ But Twitter (and his date) weren’t quite so forgiving…

‘Omg Gary you rude man, Cici deck him! #FirstDates’, wrote one furious viewer.

‘Being horrendously rude to the waitress. Good job Gary, the ladies love it when people do that. #FirstDates’, slammed another.

gary first dates tweets Twitter was not amused by Gary’s ‘banter’…


Wendy was also less-than-impressed with her date’s ‘banter’ (as he later called it). ‘That’s terrible,’ she said. ‘Are you flirting? Because that was s**t!’ Yep.

It won’t come as much surprise to learn that Gary and Wendy didn’t have a second date. We just hope Gary’s learnt a valuable lesson from the people of Twitter…

NEVER insult our Cici. (Or any woman, for that matter). Do better next time, Gary.