Gary Barlow’s New X Factor Rule Revealed

Gary Barlow is cracking down on his The X Factor contestants this year, and after seeing the effect of Twitter on last year’s crop of auditionees, he wants to take the new batch’s phones off them.

Digital Spy quote a source, revealing that Gary said: “Last year’s contestants spent too much time on Twitter when they should have been spending the time working on their songs and performances. They’d look at 100 comments and 99 would be positive but all they would think about was the one that was negative. It’s not good for them… 

“If they didn’t see Twitter it would be much better for them. If I have my way I’ll take their phones off them as soon as they go into the contestants house… The X Factor is hard work, they need to put all their energies into their performances rather than worrying about who has said what about them on Twitter.”

Wonder what his judges’ house helper Cheryl Cole thinks of all that? We’ll have to see if it helps or hinders Gary‘s X Factor contestants… BS