‘Gary Barlow Hates Losing!’ Says Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh has revealed what REALLY happened on Sunday night’s X Factor.

The judge caused controversy when he opted to go to ‘deadlock’ after already saying he wanted to save Gary Barlow‘s act Carolynne Poole. The deadlock decision saw Carolynne leave the competition, leaving ‘joke act’ Rylan with a safe place for next week’s show.

Now, in a diary extract published on the Mail Online, Louis has opened up about how he really felt about the decision – and says the show WASN’T fixed.

He says: “I jump for joy when all my acts go through. I’m not sure who I’m going to choose between Rylan Clark and Carolynne Poole. Producer Richard Holloway comes over to talk to us before they perform. He does that every week to tell us what order to go in when we give our verdict because they have to get the cameras set up right. He tells me I will be last. 

“I feel totally torn after Carolynne and Rylan’s performances. I like them both. With Rylan I thought the production was so amazing that this is something we’ll want to see again. 

“In the end I think, oh I’ll let the public decide. I don’t know which of them is going to be at the bottom on the public vote. Gary is annoyed and storms off. He hates losing, especially on the first show. Gary criticises my decision saying it’s a singing competition, not a pantomime. But he had Frankie Cocozza last year!”

We can’t wait for Saturday’s show! Will Rylan make it through another week? RM