Game of Thrones Reveal First Major Lesbian Character

Game of Thrones revealed its first lesbian main character in this week’s episode.

Yara Greyjoy has been pretty important in the past few episodes –  we’ve seen her trying to support and rebuild her relationship with her emotional (and physically) damaged brother, Theon.

We witnessed Yara assert her rightful claim to rule the Iron Islands, only to be rejected by the people of Pyke as they have never had a woman leader * rolls eyes *.

Then, as a big middle finger to everyone in Pyke that doubted her, she promptly stole all their ships and is currently making her way to seek out Daenerys to join forces and become an all female, absolutely badass power team. Yaaasss girls.

If Yara’s story line wasn’t interesting enough, Game of Thrones threw another little talking point into the mix by revealing that she is the show’s first EVER major lesbian character.

It only took 6 seasons, but fans are pleased to * finally * see a gay female character come to light.

However, some people are not hesitating to also discuss the issues still surrounding sexuality on television.

A lot of fans picked up on the short life expectancy of gay characters in the series as throughout the series, there have been very few long-lived homosexual characters.


One of the only other main gay characters was Renly Baratheon, who was quickly killed off in season two.

Loras Tyrell has been locked away in a cell (for being gay) during the whole of series 6 and Oberyn Martell only lasted a hot minute before his head was crushed like a watermelon by The Mountain.

Things HAVEN’T been great for the gay characters of Game of Thrones, but we’re hoping that Yara will lead a positive change for the representation of sexuality in the show.

By Catherine Delves