The Top 5 * Craziest * Game of Thrones Fan Theories

So far, this season of Game of Thrones has been insane.

Sansa and Jon were reunited, Bran is the newly appointed Three Eyed Raven and Rickon Stark has reappeared!

 But although so many things have happened, we still have so many questions.

Which is why we’ve rounded up our favourite fan theories to help try and explain the past (and predict the future) of Game of Thrones.

(Trust us, some of these are cray cray).

1) Bran ‘Creating’ The Mad King

In ‘The Door’, we witnessed the true extent of Bran’s time altering powers *sob*.

Poor Hodor’s brain was left scrambled after Bran spoke out to him in the past and it’s been speculated the same thing happened to King Aerys.

During Bran’s visions in ‘Blood of My Blood’, we saw glimpses of many things. An army of Whitewalkers, stores of Wildfire under King’s Landing and Aerys sat upon the Iron Throne shouting his anthem “Burn them all”!

We’ve been led to believe that The Mad King went a bit loopy all on his own, but what if his madness and desire to burn everyone in sight stemmed from Bran?

The theory is that Bran was in the past, and attempting to send a warning about the Whitewalkers.

“Burn them all” was actually Brans instruction on how to destroy the Whitewalkers, but unfortunately the message got lost in time travelling translation somewhere along the line and the caused The Mad King to become, well, mad.

This theory isn’t too far fetched as we’ve witnessed a similar thing happen to Hodor, and it is suggested Bran and Aerys are linked in some way through his recent visions.

It feels like we’re inching closer to finding it exactly how these two are connected, so hopefully some light will be shed on this situation soon!

2) Jon Snow Isn’t Ned’s Son (R+L=J)

Guys, this ACTUALLY came true last night. But let us remind you of the theory (which has now been confirmed). Before Ned’s untimely death all those seasons ago, he promised to one day tell Jon Snow who his mother is.

There have been many theories about who Jon’s mother is, but there’s also a theory that his father isn’t who we think it is. Ooh…

Ned’s sister, Lyanna Stark, died in circumstances that were never fully explained.

And rumour has it that she died in the arms of her brother Ned after giving birth to little Jon Snow. WE KNOW.

Rhaegar Targaryen (Daenerys’ oldest brother) allegedly sexually assaulted Lyanna Stark, making Jon their child.

Lyanna’s last words to Ned were apparently “Promise me Ned…” and it’s been suggested that this promise was to protect her newborn son, who would have undoubtedly been killed in an attempt to wipe out any Targaryen claims to the throne.

This would explain Ned’s “affair”, which we partly never believed in the first place because Ned is just too damned nice and honourable to cheat on poor Catelyn.

It would also explain Ned’s hesitation to tell Jon who is mother was. It’s a lot to take in finding out your dad isn’t actually your dad and that you’re actually the spawn of a lunatic family.

3) There Will Be The Red Wedding: Volume 2

We literally don’t know if we could cope with the trauma of another Red Wedding, but if the fan theories are true, this might be one we could deal with!

Apparently, the second Red Wedding is meant to wipe out the Lannisters (a concept which some will no doubt find pretty exciting).

Catelyn is somehow meant to be resurrected as a zombie, named Lady Stoneheart. Together with Brienne, Lady Stoneheart is meant to lead the Lannister gang into a trap and get her sweet, sweet revenge.

Although we don’t know how probable it is that zombie Catelyn will happen, we are definitely staying hopeful that vengeance is served.

The only one we might miss is Jamie. We know he’s an incestual b****rd who pushed a young child out of a window, but we still kind of have a soft spot for him.

We loved his and Brienne’s love/hate relationship, but let’s be honest, she was always going to be loyal to the Starks and promptly stab him in the back if asked by them.

Losing Jamie would be a big price to pay, but can you imagine the satisfaction of watching Cersei and her whole golden haired family finally get their comeuppance? We can. 

4) Cersei Will Be Murdered

Back in series 5, it was predicted by creepy swamp woman Maggy the Frog that, “When your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you”.

That dramatic prophecy has been interpreted in a number of ways.

The first sentence, “when your tears have drowned you”, could either be after the death of all her children (we all know how much she loves her children), or the death of the love of her life/twin brother Jamie.

Valonqar is a Valyrian word which literally translates as ‘little brother’, which makes Tyrion an obvious candidate, seeing as he’s her little brother in more than one way.

Cersei and Tyrion have never seen eye to eye – who could forget when she once swore to kill everything he loved? And he’s always seen her for the manipulative woman she is.

Tyrion has also proved to have no issue with killing his own. Back in season 4, he famously murdered his unsuspecting dad while he was sitting on the toilet.

The other potential Valonqar is Arya Stark. We all know she hasn’t been successful in crossing Cersei off her hit list yet, and the prophecy does potentially point to Arya.

Arya is one of the youngest of the main characters and also previously posed as a boy in order to escape the Lannisters, making her fit the ‘little brother’ bill.

Arya is hell bent on revenge against the Lannisters and in ‘Blood of My Blood’ we saw her reject the Many Faced God and reunite with her trusty sword Needle, suggesting she’s ditching the idea of becoming Nobody, picking up where she left off and making her way through her kill list.

We definitely hope it will be a Stark to strike down Cersei and deliver a least a little justice for all the times she hurt their family.

Another Cersei-slayer theory is that none other than her precious son Tommen will kill her. Ooh.

A few series ago, we would of laughed in the faces of anyone who suggested Tommen would kill Cersei. Did someone say mummy’s boy?!

However, in recent episodes we’ve seen Tommen fail to stop Cersei’s walk of atonement, ban her from her own daughter’s funeral (harsh) and join forces with Cersei’s current arch enemy the High Sparrow.

Slowly but surely he may be slipping out of her manipulative grasp and this could result in him turning against her and ultimately killing her.

We aren’t sure just how probable this is, as Maggy’s prediction suggests that all her children will die before her, but it would be a nice bit of karma if he did turn on mummy.

5) Sansa is Pregnant by Ramsey

The past few episodes have majorly hinted that Sansa might be with child.

She’s been making new dresses (do her old ones not conceal the bump?), she couldn’t stomach the food while at Castle Black and she told Littlefinger she could physically “still feel” Ramsay Bolton’s sexual assaults.

Whilst we hope and pray that she isn’t pregnant so that she can start to move on from the horrific experiences she endured because of Ramsay, it’s really looking like she could actually be with child.

If Jon Snow and Sansa manage to gather an army and kill Ramsay (fingers crossed), Sansa’s child would be heir to House Bolton. This would mean the North would be under Stark rule again, which would be majorly good news for the Stark family and the North.

We definitely think the Starks deserve something good to happen to them after all they’ve been through.

We also think that despite the baby’s awful father, Sansa would raise the child well and with kindness and it would be a true Stark rather than a Bolton.

By Catherine Delves