Gabby Defends Her Feelings For Marcel In Tonight’s Love Island

Could this couple now be in danger of being dumped from the island?

In tonight’s Love Island, the contestants have to read tweets from the public and guess which islanders they’re about… And unsurprisingly, things get pretty tense.

Particularly for Marcel and Gabby, when not only are their secret texts about Montana exposed – but they find out that the public are doubting their relationship.

The tweets about Marce and Gabs that are read out are: ‘XXX and XXX are in one fake relationship, I’m not buying it one bit,’ and ‘Am I the only one who’s not convinced on XXX feelings for XXX? Seems so fake.’


The islanders are all shocked to hear that the popular couple are being so doubted by viewers, and Gabby visits the Beach Hut later on to defend her feelings.

‘I’d deserve an Oscar if I was faking it. I know that me and Marcel are rock solid so think what you like love,’ she says.

Will this be enough to convince fans of the show that her feelings for Marcel are real?

The doubt has been coming in pretty strong on Twitter recently…

‘Gabby is just with Marcel because of his popularity, he deserves better, she’s played us all I recon [sic],’ one sceptical viewer shared, whereas another didn’t seem pleased with Gabby’s behaviour: ‘I really hate the tone that Gabby uses when speaking to Marcel.’

Having been a strong couple throughout the show and a definite fan fave to win the series, the tables are beginning to turn as viewers are asking for them to leave.

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‘Marcel and Gabby bore me to tears I hope they go tonight 😴 #loveisland,’ tweeted one, and another agreed: ‘Not going to lie I wouldn’t mind seeing marcel and gabby dumped tonight their getting boring [sic].’

We did NOT expect this turn of events!

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Will the previously favourite couple be at risk in tonight’s dumping? Tune into ITV2 at 9pm to find out.

By Emily Jefferies