It’s Kinda Interesting That Love Island’s Gabby And Montana Sang Together

Twitter was a little confused...

Last night’s Love Island ended with a talent show… and it was truly spectacular.

Kem, Chris and Marcel (AKA Run KMC) treated us to another rap, Jamie showed off his guitar skills and Camilla gave an after-dinner speech. Because, of course.

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Last night’s talent show was interesting…

But there was one performance in particular that got viewers talking. And no, we’re not talking about Alex’s weird singing/snogging/lap dance hybrid.

Montana and Gabby paired up to belt out a duet of James Arthur’s Say You Won’t Let Go – just a day after that awkward girls’ lunch.

If you missed that episode, let us explain. As they dined with their co-stars, Gabby explained that she didn’t feel like certain people had her back after the lie detector challenge.

Mon’ then admitted that a viewer’s tweet (which revealed a secret text exchange between Gabby and Marcel about herself and Alex) had continued to play on her mind.

Things got awkward over a girls’ lunch earlier in the week

After Olivia (yes, really) stepped in to try and resolve things, many believed that the ladies’ dramz was over.

But then Gabby overheard Montana saying that she thought Garcel would be heading home that night, and it all bubbled to the surface once more.

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In the end, it was Sam and Georgia who packed their bags, so Montana and Gabby were left in the villa together. To belt out dodgy covers, apparently.

Of course, Twitter was awash with confusion.

Messages read: ‘Bit confused as to why Gabby and Montana were acting like friends when they hated each other yesterday?🤔 #loveisland,’ ‘Weird that Gabby and Montana are working together 🤔,’ and: ‘Wait, weren’t Gabby and Montana both at war with each other, and know they’re working together. What’s all that about? 🤔🤔 #LoveIsland [sic].’

Did we miss them making up? We’re not sure, but we’ll definitely be tuning in at 9pm tonight to see what’s going down.