Love Island Viewers Are Not Impressed With Gabby And Marcel After Seeing This…

Is Love Island's golden couple about to lose some of its popularity?!

Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen have definitely secured themselves as one of the most popular couples in the villa.

With Marc’s pearls of wisdom and Gabby’s ‘real’ attitude (we mean, we’re still applauding her for her honesty about self confidence) it’s fair to say that they’ve won over the public. Heck, the former Blazin’ Squad member was even voted ‘favourite boy’ in the latest public poll.

They’ve also gone from strength-to-strength with their romance, even dropping the ‘L’ word a few times.

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But, apparently, something they did during Monday night’s episode has got fans questioning them.

While the rest of the islanders were partying and enjoying Camilla Thurlow’s birthday bash, Garcel had a secret conversation about two of their friends.

In fact, it was so secretive that they felt the need to type it out on one of their mobile phones.

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Chatting about Montana and Alex – who have been pretty loved-up ever since officially coupling-up – Marcel told his lady that they had been getting involved in Camilla’s flirtationship with new boy Jamie.

Filling Gabby in on Alex’s chat with Jamie, Marcel explained: ‘Alex was saying, ‘You should go and talk to her, you really like her, you really wanna do this and that’. And then I was talking to Jamie and was like, ‘Bruv, evertything you’re doing is right so don’t feel like you need to put pressure on things or feel like you need to do things that you ain’t comfortable doing yet.”

He added: ‘Everyone’s getting involved.’

Gabby then pulled out her phone and told her boyfriend: ‘I’m going to write you a message.’

Thinking that this might give her some privacy – but not realising that a camera in the garden was able to read the words on her screen – Gaby wrote: ‘I feel like Alex and Mon are trying to take over our roles…’

Marcel agreed out loud: ‘A hundred per cent.’

Gabby then continued her message, writing: ‘Like every 5 minutes it’s ‘do you want to go for a chat?’ and every time you say anything about anything or anyone Mon wants to know the ins and outs so she can go and give her worldly advice.’

Gaby then told him: ‘I found it really odd. Is it us just being weird being bothered by it?’

Marcel replied, ‘But you do notice when people start doing things. It’s just funny though, it’s actually funny.’


Viewers didn’t take long to react on Twitter, with comments including: ‘Did not expect that from gaby&marcel’, ‘Not a fan of Marcel and Gaby, sneaky #LoveIsland’ and ‘Noooooooooo Gaby and Marcel keep your heads about you when all around you are losing theirs please!! We do not need bitchy M & G @LoveIsland’ [sic].

Will they redeem themselves? Or has this tainted your opinion of the Love Island couple?

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