Gabby’s Mum Reveals Why She Won’t Sleep With Marcel On Love Island

Gabs' mum has given us a little insight...

Gabby Allen has had one of the most romantic journeys on Love Island so far.

Immediately catching the eye of fan favourite Marcel Somerville, the pair have been winning hearts all across the UK with their adorable romance.

But one thing that has separated Garcel from the other strong couples who have been in the villa – such as Kem and Amber, Dom and Jess and Montana and Alex – is that Gabby has refused to get frisky.

Gabby and Marcel on Love Island

Some viewers had thought that after Marcel and Gabby made their romance official (aw!) she may have been swayed, but the petite blonde has stuck to her guns and is still refusing to do the deed on TV.

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Now her mum Paula has spoken out about the situation, telling the Sunday People: ‘Gabby has made the decision she would not do that. She wants to find love and grow a relationship before she does that. She’s not that type of girl.

Gabby on Love Island

‘I cringe for the parents of those who’ve had sex in the villa and had to watch it at home. I would not be happy.

‘I’ve guided my Gabby so she wouldn’t disappoint herself. She has morals.’

However, it’s not as if Marcel hasn’t been trying to make a move…

Marcel on Love Island

Gabs, 25, was recently seen having a chat with the other girls, in which she declared: ‘Marc got his d*** out last night. He was like, waving it at me.’

In a hilarious confession, she went on to reveal that Marcel had introduced her to ‘Rocky B’, but he majorly failed to turn her on.

Gabby and Marcel on Love Island

Marcel and Gabby have always seemed one of the strongest couples

Uh-oh, poor Marc’.

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Either way, we’re loving Garcel and are totally rooting for them!

By Emily Jefferies