Love Island Viewers Turn On Gabby As She Fails Lie Detector Test

Gabby has quickly become one of the least trusted Islanders...

We STILL can’t get over last night’s Love Island.

You could cut the tension in that villa with a knife as Islanders began to turn on one another and the claws came out.

In one of the most shocking challenges of the series so far, the girls had to take part in a lie detector test answering a set of questions chosen by their boys… And it didn’t exactly go smoothly.

Probably the most surprising turn of events came when Gabby took to the hot seat and answered her questions.

The petite blonde started off promisingly, answering her first two questions ‘truthfully’, but it started to go downhill from there.

When asked: ‘Are you looking forward to having sex with Marcel?’ Gabby responded: ‘Yes! Imagine if it comes back: “No”. I’ll be like: “Great, all this time wasted for nothing…”’

But unfortunately Gabby’s answer came back as a lie.

‘I can’t have a sexless future, what the f***?’ Gabby seemed confused.

Her next question was: ‘Do you agree with your mum that Marcel is the one?’

Looking uncertain, Gabby replied: ‘Yes… I don’t know on that one.’ And once again, her answer came back as a lie.

The final question asked whether she really loved Marcel, to which she seemed unsure of what to say as she declared: ‘You’ve ruined it.’

Choosing her final answer as ‘No’, Marcel along with the other islanders were hoping for another lie…

But sadly, this answer was labelled true.

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The shocking revelation stunned Islanders and viewers alike, with many fans taking to Twitter to share their distrust in Gabby.

‘Can someone PLEASE tell me why it matters if gabby was planning to tell marcel she loved him before the test? she still FAILED #loveisland [sic],’ one baffled fan wrote, while another tweeted: ‘Montana and Georgia kept it real. Gabby just didn’t wanna hear the truth now she’s b****ing. Grow up princess. #LoveIsland [sic].’

‘The signs that Gabby didn’t like Marcel were there from when she cried that she isn’t getting attention from next man#LoveIsland,’ read one message, and another suggested that Gabby had lost her chance at winning the show: ‘Well that lie detector has just cost Gabby £50,000 #loveisland.’

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But really, how accurate is the test? Let’s hope the couple can make it through this rocky patch.

By Emily Jefferies