Love Island Viewers Noticed Something About Gabby’s Behaviour In The Finale

Fans of the show were confused about her reaction to coming in fourth...

The Love Island finale last night saw Kem and Amber crowned the 2017 champions.

But despite this, runners-up Camilla and Jamie and third place couple Chris and Olivia seemed pretty thrilled with the result.

However, fans of the show noticed something odd about the way Gabby Allen – who came in fourth with her boyfriend Marcel Somerville – reacted to her placing.

Although she displayed a big smile when her name was read out by Caroline Flack, when it came down to her interview Gabs looked rather downcast, and some viewers even notices a few tears in her eyes.

It’s an overwhelming moment, right? Let’s give the poor girl a break.

But not everyone was buying it.

‘Look at Gabby’s face. Gutted she’s just spent 6 weeks pretending to be nice and she didn’t even get the 50k. She’s fumin #LoveIsland [sic],’ one sceptical viewer shared, and another agreed: ‘Gabby and Marcel were such sore losers last night #loveisland.’

‘Gabby looked like she was gonna rip Flackers face off when she called their names 😂,’ joked one, whereas another just simply seemed annoyed: ‘Gabby can’t even slap a convincing smile on her face while talking about her and Marcel’s “bright” future as a couple. Girl, bye. #LoveIsland [sic].’

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However, loyal fans of Gabs and Marcel took to social media to defend them.

‘I still don’t get why everyone thinks/ thought Gabby was a fake?’ one confused viewer asked, and another speculated it was due to jealousy: ‘Gabby getting a lot of hate recently. People love trying to find flaws in others when they are jealous.’

Fair point. And can we just quickly mention how stunning she looked last night!?

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Only time will tell whether the love was real between the Islanders, but we’re firmly Team Garcel.

By Emily Jefferies