Ex Of Love Island’s Gabby Defends Her Relationship With Marcel

Gabby's ex Billy has insisted that she is 'absolutely genuine'...

Having recently been labelled one of the most ‘fake’ Love Island contestants in this year’s series, Gabby Allen has found support in an unlikely place.

According to The Sun, her ex-boyfriend Billy Mackie has issued a statement insisting that she is ‘absolutely genuine’ and their romance was ‘one of the best relationships [he’s] ever had.’

However, Billy did confess that he hadn’t actually been watching Gabs on the show.


He says: ‘I haven’t been watching it this year. I’m not going to spend my time watching my ex-girlfriend on TV. It would be a bit weird if I sat around watching her all day.

‘But she’s a very genuine girl. She’s been herself in the house. A couple of people have said she’s fake, but I am certain she’s been truthful. I hope she wins. Gabby deserves it.’

Describing his one-year-romance with the blonde, he gushed: ‘She’s the sexiest girl I’ve ever met. I fancied her as soon as I saw her. She was very flirty and a really good-looking girl.

‘We got on as soon as we met. She’s got good chat and she’s sexy overall. It was one of the best relationships I’ve ever had.’

Since when do exes act like this?!

However, fans of the show haven’t all had the same opinion.

Previously a favourite to win the show, viewers recently began doubting her feelings for Marcel and they took to Twitter to voice their speculation:

‘Gabby, not fooling me with your fake tears and fake love for Marcel. You’re just p***ed that Montana can see right through you,’ one sceptical fan wrote, and another agreed: ‘So over Gabby.’

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A little unfair, no?

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By Emily Jefferies