Gabby Allen Speaks Out About Recent Struggles In Her Relationship

There's one thing that Gabby has found hard since leaving the villa...

Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville faced their fair share of doubters after their romance blossomed in the Love Island villa.

But since leaving, it looks like the pair have remained totally in love and have taken some big steps in their relationship like their first couple’s holiday and actually moving in together.

However, it seems that the couple are still being doubted by some fans of the show, and it has led Gabby to speak out and defend her relationship.

Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen

Talking to OK! magazine, Gabby revealed: ‘It’s harder [outside the villa] because everything you do people question. It’s funny because you’re constantly being watched, or people just make presumptions because we didn’t see each other for three days so therefore we split up.’

Hitting back at claims she and Marce had split when fans noticed a lack of couple snaps on their social media, she said: ‘I’m not going to put on a big facade and be all of him all day everyday in order to prove we’re together, we’ve spent many nights just chilling out watching TV, but I’m not going to put it all over social media because it’s a real relationship, it’s me and him, not me and the rest of the world.’

You tell ’em, Gabs!

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And silencing the haters even more, Gabs spoke to the Daily Mail and revealed that her and the former Blazin’ Squad member have some seriously big plans for their future…

‘We have talked about these things, we were debating what type of school our children will go to,’ she began. ‘That is a conversation I didn’t think I would be having three months in.’

Gabby and Marcel became boyfriend and girlfriend in the Love Island villa

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‘Obviously we’re not talking about having children right now but we’ve definitely discussed it… Because I’m a little bit younger than him we have come to an agreement when we’ll start.’

The blonde beauty added: ‘He said two but I said I wanted them in four so maybe three years.’

WHAT!? This is so exciting.