Gabby Allen Is Still Experiencing Online Abuse For Her Relationship And It’s Not Okay

‘We don’t hear about it as much as it’s hidden but it’s still going on and we need to hear about it.’

Love Island‘s Gabby Allen has taken to social media to highlight the racist abuse she has been subjected to as a result of her relationship with Marcel Somerville.

Sadly it’s not the first time that the reality TV star has spoken out about the issue, having taken to Instagram Stories a few months ago to call out some of her followers for the disgusting private messages they’d been sending her.

This time around, the 26-year-old – who was catapulted into the spotlight after taking part on the ITVBe dating show last summer – spotted some ‘cruel’ comments that had been left by ‘keyboard warriors’ underneath an online article.

Taking to her own social media account, Gabby reportedly hit out: ‘I’ve been reading comments on an article and I won’t even say which one cause to be honest, they’re just too cruel and I’m embarrassed to publicise it further. It actually move me to tears.

Cancun it’s been a pleasure 🌞❤️ back to the freezing cold we come 🙄

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‘I don’t know why I looked but after reading one comment, I was intrigued. I find it baffling that people feel that have the right to write mean comments about someone else. Do they not have friends or family that if they received abuse of the same kind, they would be heartbroken by it?’

The LI lady continued: ‘I hope all these keyboard warriors get found out one day and hurt as much as the upset they have had the audacity to put strangers through.

‘I was so upset I had to acknowledge it. These idiots shouldn’t get away with everything.’

Ending on a more positive note, she finished: ‘But it’s not all negative! The support and love from the majority of people is so unbelievably heartwarming and 100% outweighs the bad…’

We’re pretty disgusted to see that these ignorant comments are finding their way onto the internet, and we’re hoping that it ends here.