Girls Of The Internet Are Feeling Love Island’s Gabby After Last Night

It's fair to say that every girl has felt like Gabby once in a while...

Gabby Allen seems to have had something of a wobble.

During Wednesday night’s episode of Love Island, the petite blonde could be seen having a confidence crisis – and we completely felt for her.

Of course, the 25-year-old is loved-up with Marcel Somerville – yup, he’s even said the ‘L’ word, and she’s been gushing about falling for him during some of her recent girls’ chats.

Gabby and Marcel on Love Island

Marcel is smitten with Gabby Allen

But that doesn’t mean that a girl can’t have a bad day…

The episode saw two new guys arriving to the villa. And by guys, we mean an Olympian and a Calvin Klein model. Casj.

Theo Campbell and Jamie Jewitt got to pick three of the girls that they wanted to take on dates. Amber Davies and Tyla Carr lucked out, enjoying a glass of wine with each of the new fellas, much to the disappointment of Kem and Jonny.

Theo also picked Olivia, telling her that she was his usual type. Jamie, on the other hand, decided to get to know Camilla a little more, with the pair bonding over their love of books.

Amber and Olivia returned from their dates and spilled the beans on the new boys…

Gabby, who hasn’t been picked for a date by any new islanders since coupling up with Marcel, got a little upset about the fact that she felt like the ‘ugliest girl in the villa’.

Oh, Gabs!

Confiding in her boyfriend Marcel, Gabby explained that she had no interest in any other guy, but that she felt less attractive than the other girls in the villa.

She explained: ‘It’s not a reflection on me and you. I don’t want to be with anyone else, but I just feel inferior.’

‘Like I’ve said to you when I get out I wanna get my boobs done, I want to like get long hair. I want to do all this s*** to myself because I feel like I’m not as good as everyone else because they’ve got something that I don’t have.’

Nooo Gabby!

And the award for most romantic speech ever goes to Marcel! 💛🤗 #LoveIsland

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Doctor Marc’, who’s been dishing out some great pearls of wisdom for his fellow islanders, saved some wonderful words for his lady. He said, simply: ‘I love you just the way you are.’


It’s fair to say that many girls could relate to Gabby’s confidence crisis, with reactions including: ‘Gabby just won my heart. Naaaah I’m sorry. This is how every damn girl feels when they scroll instagram. #LoveIsland’ and ‘I think every girl watching Love Island completely understands where Gabby is coming from right now. What a girl for being completely honest’.

Another added: ‘Every girl has had a Gabby Moment #loveisland trust me on that one ☝️’.

Others, however, questioned why Gabby felt the need for more male attention.

Last year’s runner-up Olivia Buckland tweeted: ‘Gabby shouldn’t want to be picked by men when she has Marc. Is Marc not boosting her? isn’t right. Would never do that to Al #LoveIsland’.

Hmm. We’re not sure that’s what Gabby meant. Her followers responded with comments such as ‘no matter how much one person tells you you’re beautiful, your self esteem can still be zero’ and ‘I think it’s more she feels ugly to the other girls because they are being picked and she isn’t.. not to do with the actual boys I think!’ [sic].

Olivia later added: ‘I ALSO think that other guys think that Marcel & Gabs are such a good couple they wouldn’t have a chance with Gabs. #LoveIsland’.

One thing’s for sure; we really hope that Gabby realises that she’s amazing, just the way she is.

We mean, we’ve definitely developed a girl crush.