The Best Celebrity Instagram Photos Of The Week

These snaps have had us glued to our Insta feeds...

Oh, those celebrities know how to keep us entertained, don’t they?

Let’s be honest. Most of us turn straight to Instagram the minute we wake up to have a little peek at what our favourite celebrities have been up to. And we’re never short of surprises.

The social media platform is the A-list’s go-to place to debut a new hair colour, premiere a new relationship or show off a dazzling engagement rock. So basically, they use it exactly the same way we do.

But there’s also those glamorous lifestyles to fawn over.

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The Kardashians are #1 for flaunting their lavish lifestyles on Instagram. Because who doesn’t want to see those new Ferarris (Kylie Jenner, we’re looking at you), those adorable family trips to Disney (oh North, you lucky thing) or those cheeky backstage model pics from Kendall?

And then there’s the LOLs.

Because who doesn’t want to see David Beckham snoozing on a plane after VB sneakily papped her tired hubby? Or a picture of Mark Wright’s expertly braided cornrows, courtesy of wife Michelle Keegan?

From cheeky bum selfies to barely-there eyebrows, there’s a whole world of celebrity Instagram craziness out there for us all to enjoy.

And now it’s all in one place… Knock yourselves out.