Fun Workouts: Switch Up Your Fitness, No Gym Required!



From bouncing on a trampoline to shaking your booty at a yoga class, these are the best fun workouts around.

Boogie Bounce


What?  For those who want a little more control, the Boogie Bounce programme (see pic above) is fun, funky and fat burning.  Lasting about 45 to 50 minutes, this is a complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline (safety bar included!) and choreographed to chart topping music.

Why?  The programme is aimed at High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) to maximise the fat burning process during the cardio section, while the mat of the mini trampoline acts as a resistance tool to engage deep core muscles.

How much?  

Where? Classes are available nationwide. 

Participants get tied up at Aerial Silks Participants get tied up at Aerial Silks


What?  London’s first and only dedicated aerial fitness centre, with locations in Farringdon and Battersea, offers the chance to hang from the ceiling as you climb, perform tricks and create figures with your body for an hour and half as two lengths of silks holds you up.  It can be tricky to get started but don’t worry, classes are open to people of all levels.

Why? Aerial Silks works pretty much every muscle in the body.  Strengthen your core muscles as well as your biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs and calves will all be working hard to hold you up.

Where? London


Buti Yoga

Getting sweaty at a Buti Yoga class Shake your booty at a Buti Yoga clas



What?  Buti Yoga (pronounced ‘booty’) is the brainchild of Californian celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold who designed the workout to help women embrace their feminity and build self-confidence through body awareness.  It certainly works! As you gyrate to the pulsing music while doing moves that fuse power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics all in an intense 45 minutes.  Fluorescent lights beam through the dark, as luminous painted bodies gyrate to the pulsing music..workout that transforms the body, training the core using the Spiral Structure technique.

Why?  Based around spiralling movements to develop power and strength though your hips, abs and lower back, Buti yoga is a serious workout for those neglected core muscles.  Rhythmic dance intervals with traditional yoga poses will activate your core and tone your entire body while also raising your heart rate.  Pulse and gyrate for some fast, fierce fun!

Where? Only in London at the moment, but hopefully it will go nationwide soon.


Train your core at pole fitness classes Train your core at pole fitness classes



What?  Polepeople pole dancing classes are known for being the best in London.  The women-only classes will have you elegantly carrying your body weight while performing spins, tricks and poses.  The lessons take place in dance studios, gyms and the private rooms of style bars – so choose the place that suits you best.

Why?  Get svelte and toned as you build your strength, tone your muscles and burn plenty of calories!  While you hold your body, pole dancing also develops flexibility and upper body muscleresulting in a strong core.

Where?  London




Jump Street trampoline park Jump trampoline park is the best place for a night out with your mates


What?  Jump Street is the newest trampoline park to open in the UK, with their 45-minute JumpFit classes providing more than 100 interconnected trampolines for the ultimate high intensity, low-impact cardio workout.

Why?  Studies show that 10 minutes of bouncing on a trampoline can burn as many as 30 minutes jogging.  It’s a lot more fun too!  Jump, fly and spin while you blast your core, improve muscle tone and increase your heart rate.

Where? Essex.


By Norlisa Hanlon Rosslee