Fruit-Infused Water: Hydrate Like A Health Blogger

Fruit-infused water has so many benefits: it gives you heaps of energy, glowing skin and helps beat the bloat. Plus it tastes amazing! What more could you ask for during a heatwave? Celebs, nutritionists and top health bloggers, including Deliciously Ella, are all adding superfoods to their water, and letting them infuse overnight. The resut? A delcious drink that debloats, energises and detoxes your body. And we’ve come up with the top combinations for you that are soooo easy to make…

Give our recipes a go and say bye-bye to orange squash for good…

(all recipes are designed for a 500ml bottle or jar of water, simply add to your container and leave in the fridge overnight)

> Fruit Infused Water combinations can be seriously good for you


The Fat Burner

You Need: 3 inches of cucumber, Half a Jalapeno Pepper, 1 sprig of mint leaves

Adding jalapenos may seem odd but they contain capsaicin – which is known for its metabolism-boosting effects. Not good with spices? Add more cucumber and mint – excellent for cooling the taste buds.



Concentration Hydration

You Need: 3 basil leaves, 1 sprig rosemary, 2 sprigs dill, 1 sprig lemon thyme

Got a big meeting coming up? Sip on this to stay alert. Basil is thought to increase alertness, and research shows that compounds absorbed from the aroma of rosemary helps improve concentration. The combo of other herbs creates an amazing flavour. Rub the leaves before adding to your container.



Hangover Cure

You Need: 1 strawberry, Half an Orange, 3 slices kiwi fruit

Hangovers in this heat? Not nice at all. Obviously you need to be drinking water on its own to rehydrate the body after a big night out. But add the strawberry, orange and kiwi for a big dose of vitamin C, which is important for protecting and regenerating liver cells.

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Get The Glow

You Need: 5 cubes frozen mango, 1 handful mix frozen berries, 1 sliced lemon

Mango contains vitamin A, essential for healthy skin cell renewal that’ll help your skin looking fresh, and lemons are great for detoxing. The berries are rich in anti-oxidants, which can combat skin-ageing free radical damage caused by pollution, smoking and over processed food. Crush the berries ever so slightly before adding to the water for a more powerful hit.

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