This Disney Announcement Has TOTALLY Broken The Internet

Well, not really. But a lot of people are VERY excited...

We’re not ashamed to admit that bursting into renditions of Idina Menzel’s Let It Go with our BFFs is one of our favourite pastimes, but now we have the perfect excuse.


It’s safe to say that the internet is pretty hyped up right now. Why? Well, Disney Animation Studios made all of our dreams come true when they took to Twitter to reveal the official release date for the upcoming sequel.

Yup. After previous promises, we’ve finally been given a date to add to our diaries. And, whilst it might be pretty way ahead in the future (November 27th 2019, people), we’ve still been sure to WhatsApp the relevant girl groups to add it to our social calendars.

The cast of the animated original, which broke box office records, have also joined in the conversation on Twitter.

Kristen Bell, who voiced Princess Ana, wrote: ‘Quick weather forecast from your favorite disney princess’ sister: Theaters are gonna get Frozen on November 27, 2019! Woo Hoo!!!’

Idina Menzel added: ‘It’s happening! All my Elsas say ho!’

Josh Gadd, the genius behind everyone’s favourite Snowman Olaf, also announced: ‘Mark your calendars. FROZEN 2 is coming…’

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And with such a loyal and dedicated fanbase (which we’re totally a part of, FYI), it’s no surprise that the Twitter reactions soon came flooding in.

Tweets included:

In the midst of the excitement, a few pointed out a bunch of other Disney classics that they’d like to see return to the big screen…

Well, we’re so glad that people asked, as Disney have also announced a big list of other release dates to get excited about.

Star Wars Episode IX will be out on the 24th May 2019, the same month as the fourth Avengers film.

In 2019 we’ll also be treated to the live-action adaptation of The Lion King and Pixar’s The Incredibles 2. 

What a year…