What Your Friendship Groups *Actually* Say About Your Personality

You’re as good as the company you keep, so goes the expression. We think that’s a bit reductive. If that were the truth, no friendship group would have that one tag-along that nobody really likes but get invited anyway…

(By the way, if your group doesn’t have this person, it’s probably you)

We talk a lot about how your life choices can say a lot about your personality but there’s no better mirror for your character than the people that influence you and you are influenced by; your friendship groups, in essence.


One study published examined over 12,000 people in the United Kingdom and asked them about themselves and their friendship groups.

Everyone has a unique style of friendship. While some people seem to know everyone when they go out, others keep their friendships tight-knit and between a handful of people.

These are what your friendships could mean for your personality.


To start with the study examined the extroverts and introverts out there. Unsurprisingly, “people who were less extroverted and open were more likely to have only one close friend. Those who were more agreeable and extroverted had longer friendships”.


Dedication attracts dedication

It turns out, more interestingly, that diligent and hard-working people had much fewer unemployed friends. In this day and age, the busy bees only have time to make friends with people in similar situations as them!

Keep an open mind

Similarly, people who were open to new experiences were more likely to befriend those of different genders and ethnicities.


Keep an open heart

People with higher levels of openness happily lived farther away from their friends and saw them only a few times a year. These are the kind of people that make friends no matter where they go. (They also have sex more often!)

Keep it within the sex

Hard-working people are more likely to be friends with people of the same sex. Maybe because it’s easy to understand someone on your side of the gender spectrum?