We’ve Been Singing The Friends Theme Tune Wrong This Whole Time

The lyrics aren't what we thought at all. Awkward

We, like thousands of others across the country, had quite a shock at the weekend.

It turns out we may not remember the 90s as well as we thought… because we’ve been singing the Friends theme tune wrong THIS. WHOLE. TIME.

Yep. Despite knowing Rachel Green’s exact shade of lipstick and the weird inconsistency with Monica’s apartment, we’ve managed to screw up the words to I’ll Be There For You for over 20 years.

Oddly, it was a competition on Saturday Night Takeaway that alerted us to this disconcerting fact. The Rembrandts performed their track live, as viewers at home sang a missing lyric in the hopes of winning a cash prize.

Alison from Chelmsford was playing from her sofa when she belted out: ‘When the rain starts to fall.’ As most of us would, right? But host Declan Donnelly then cut her off, telling her she was wrong.

Alison insisted she was correct, before Dec told her the lyric is actually: ‘When the rain starts to pour.’

dec donnelly

Dec Donnelly revealed the shock news on Saturday Night Takeaway

We don’t know about you, but we’re floored. And we’re not the only ones – viewers quickly took to Twitter to reveal that they’d also been misled for two decades.

Tweets included: ‘I can’t believe I’ve been singing the theme tune to Friends wrong for the past 20 years! Who knew it was Pour and not FALL??! @antanddec @itvtakeaway #SaturdayNightTakeaway,’ and: ‘Ant and Dec’s Saturday night takeaway has just taught me I’ve been singing the friends theme tune wrong all my life [sic].’

We feel you, guys. And we really feel for Alison, who lost out on the money due to the mistake.

We’ll be there for you, Alison, when the rain (hopes of riches) starts to fall. Wait… POUR. Godammit.