‘Friends’ Reunion Will ‘Never Happen’ Says Show’s Creator

Friends fans are likely to go all ‘Red Ross’ over this latest development. After months of rumours about a Friends reunion season, the show’s creator Marta Kauffman has told E! News that she doesn’t have anything planned, and worse yet, that a movie adaptation will “never happen”. Sob. 

Marta was present at the LA premiere of Jennifer Aniston‘s latest movie project Call Me Crazy last night, when she made the shocking revelation. 

Rumours have been circulating on Twitter about a reunion ever since an image emerged with the show’s logo, that famous Central Perk sofa and the headline ‘The One With The Reunion, Thanksgiving 2014′. But a source at NBC has insisted that the news is “not true”. 

Marta claims the first she heard about a reunion was when she heard two people talking about it in a bar (umm, that was probably us). 

It’s possible that the rumour mill went into overdrive following a tweet about the series which went viral earlier this year. Someone tweeted: “Monica & Chandler’s twins would be 9 this year, Phoebe’s triplets 14, Ben 18, and Emma 11. Let’s just take a moment to let that sink in.” 

We’ll give up our entire wardrobes and the office cupcakes if you just make this happen, guys. 

Could we BE any more upset?! 

By Rebecca Martin, 17th April 2013

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