25 Things We Learnt From Friends – Happy 20th Anniversary!

Today is a very special day for TV fans everywhere because it’s the 20th anniversary of a little TV show called Friends. You might have heard of it? We can’t believe its been so long since the very first episode, so in honour of Rachel, Chandler, Ross, Joey, Phoebe and Monica, here are 25 all-important lessons we learnt from Friends.

1. Don’t climb into a cupboard. You will get robbed.

2. Drawing on someone when they’re asleep will inevitably end up with you drunkenly marrying them in Vegas. Fact.

3. Getting divorced is so, like, easy.

4. It doesn’t matter how much you scream: ‘WE WERE ON A BREAK’, it still doesn’t make it okay that you slept with the hot copy place girl.

5. If you accidentally fall in love with – and kiss – your roommate’s girlfriend, being in a box for a few hours will make everything okay.

6. Spray tan booths, teeth whitening, leather trousers – all very dangerous and to be avoided at all costs. Particularly if you’re called Ross.

7. Fat Monica is probably more fun than thin Monica.


8. Older guys with ‘taches are so hawt.

9. Don’t kill Eddie’s goldfish.

10. If you ever get shot at; save the sandwich.

11. What’s important at Thanksgiving.

12. There is nothing sexier than a Brad Pitt who hates you because you were mean to him at school.

13. Turning 30 is bad. Finding out you’re actually 31 is worse.

14. Joshua is a better name than ‘Josh’.

15. Grandma’s chicken salad is a bit porny.

16. If you leave a guy at the altar, the best place to go is your local coffee shop.

17. Cats are smelly.

18. If your wife wants to have sex with women – and only women – she might be a lesbian. Something to consider.

19. A cow’s opinion is known as a moo point.

20. If you ever want to change your name, they don’t get much better than Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

21. That guy at work who has the most annoying laugh ever? Will never come close to being as irritating as Janis.

22. Condoms only work 97% of the time.

23. If you’re not that great at relationships, just make up an ex-boyfriend called Vikram.

24. A true friend will wee on you if you get stung by a jellyfish.


By Lauren O’Callaghan