Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Turns 25 Today

OMG, can you believe the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air is celebrating its 25th anniversary today? Our inner ’90s children are totally flipping out right now. 

What’s more, iin case you haven’t heard, Will Smith is totally involved in a comeback of the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. 


Yes. WE KNOW. 

Hitting screens with a fresh (oh yes we went there) new look, Will Smith’s production company are working on a modern take on the classic comedy series. 

Set in the flush part of LA, the much-loved telly show followed a teenage Will (basically the result of an entire generation falling for Mr. Smith himself) who was from Phili’, and was sent to stay with his wealthy relatives in Bel-Air. Hilarity obviously ensued, with the sarcastic butler Jeffrey and geeky cousin Carlton just adding to the LOLs. 


According to TV Line, Will Smith is keen for a remake which will update the story, but stay true to the original plot outline that everyone knows and loves. Ah-mazing. 

The series ran until 1996. And we totally remember settling down on our sofas to watch it of a week night.  


We also remember doing that Carlton dance, and dressing head-to-toe in our fluoro gear and swivelling our caps backwards. Well, only NERDS wear them front-facing, duh. 

Now. Let’s all partake in a celebratory Cartlon dance. 



By Laura Jane Turner