See This Photographer Create Magic With Disney

Need something fun and heart-warming to look at? You’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve been well and truly dazzled by the creativity and talent of one particular photographer, who’s Instagram by storm. 

Building quite the following, the social media star, François Dourlen, has racked up over 40 thousand followers to date. And we can totally see why. 

Get ready to see your favourite Disney, Pixar and Hollywood movie star characters like you’ve never seen them before… 


1. Finding Nemo 




Hitting up an Aquarium any time soon? Make sure you look out for Nemo and his fun-loving friends… 

2. Edward Scissorhands




We wouldn’t argue with having Johnny Depp in our kitchen to be honest. 

3. Minion madness




Whether looking at a fire hydrant or a lamp post sign, we’ll be seeing Minions in everything from now on. 

4. Mufasa




Cecil the Lion has brought the Lion King firmly back onto our radar (AS IF it ever left…)

5. Mario Kart




We’ll never look at bumper cars in the same way again. 

6. Balloons 




And Up. The dream combo. 


7. Pinocchio 




We must not tell lies. 

8. Puss In Boots 




He just wants his cat nip, guys. 

9. Patrick from Spongebob Square Pants




Our favourite of all the star fish. 

10. Tom Cruise 




Life just wouldn’t be complete without him, right? 

Or Top Gun for that matter. 

By Laura Jane Turner