An Olympic Fencer Brought His Phone To The Match – And Dropped It

French fencer Enzo Lefort just couldn't leave his phone alone, even when he was competing in televised Olympic match.

There’s having your phone on you at inappropriate times, and then there’s this guy. Get ready for the most LOL moment of yesterday’s Rio Olympics, guys.

For some reason that we really can’t fathom, French fencer Enzo Lefort decided to take his phone with him while he battled his German opponent, Peter Joppich. At the Olympics. Yes, the world-famous sporting competition in which he’s representing his country, and getting fencing, which is, if we’re honest, a bit of a niche thing, onto international TV.

You’d think, with it being quite an important thing, that he could leave his phone behind for the duration of a fencing match. Maybe there’s no lockers at the stadium or something? Or maybe he was hoping that all the quick movements and leaping about would help him hatch his Pokemon eggs.

Either way, the guy’s phone dropped out of his pocker MID-fight, and viewers simply couldn’t believe their eyes – oh, and he ended up losing the match. Bummer. Here’s the moment it happened.

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It seems that he’s actually not alone in thinking taking your phone with you to your moment of Olympic glory is a good idea – plenty of Twitter users felt he was a kindred spirit.

Is he cute? This is him with his mask off. Yep, definitely cute.

Another Twitter user, who seems to be a fencer himself, is just annoyed that PhoneGate is all the news channels seem to be focusing on.

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This person reckoned he was waiting for an important message. Probably.

Enzo is Joshua’s new spirit animal.

And Mirabel’s.

In case you’re wondering, here’s what his opponent looks like. You know, the more sensible one who didn’t bring his phone to the match.

Maybe whoever makes fencing gear will think twice about including pockets in the design…