Frankie Sandford’s Pet Pug Helps Out With Baby Shopping!

Frankie Sandford‘s pet pug Presley has been making himself at home following Frankie’s baby clothes shopping spree, with The Saturdays’ singer sharing a snap of her pampered pooch nestled amongst her Mothercare bags. It’s a hard life, this being a celebrity pet malarky… 

The 24-year-old mum-to-be, who has just announced she’ll be taking a break from the band until after giving birth in October, was spotted shopping for baby boy clothes with fiancé Wayne Bridge just last week – and it looks like little Presley wants in on the action, too.

“Pretty sure that’s not… 1 the safest way to sleep and 2 very comfortable. Each to their own and all that”, Franks posted alongside a snap of her pooch having a snooze on her bed of baby buys.

And we reckon Presley can look forward to plenty more where that came from, too. Frankie’s been busy sharing the returns from her trips for baby togs on Instagram,tweeting a snap of three super cute ensembles bought for her little man last month, and another showing baby’s first pair of Converse.

So basically, being pregnant is just another excuse to shop? Amazing. We will be remembering this, boys…

By Robyn Munson

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