Frankie Sandford Unveils New Short Hair At Alton Towers!

Frankie Sandford has ditched her tumbling mane of hair extensions and made a return back to her trusty trademark pixie crop, with The Saturdays’ singer unveiling her deja-vu ‘do during the band’s recent trip to Alton Towers. 

The 24-year-old singer, who is gearing up to give birth to her and fiance Wayne Bridge‘s baby boy in October, spent the day at the Staffordshire theme park with bandmates Mollie King and Vanessa White for an adrenaline-fuelled day of fun (and no doubt lots of girly screaming) in partnership with Mind Charity.

And Frankie was either scared of getting her new luscious long locks caught in the Sonic Spinball, or had just started pining for her signature cropped ‘do, because the pregnant singer was seen showing off her latest hair transformation on Twitter.

Alton Towers fun. I was bag holder obviously! @mindcharity“, Franks tweeted alongside a snap of her working her tried-and-tested tomboy tresses once again alongside bandmates Mollie and Vanessa.

Frankie only had her Great Lengths hair extensions put in at the beginning of June, so we’ve worked out her flowing ‘prego hair’ lasted approximately 55 days – in all fairness, that’s about 45 longer than we’d anticipated.

Hairstyles are a bit like lingering ex-boyfs. Sometimes it’s just IMPOSSIBLE to resist going back to what you know…

By Robyn Munson

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