Frankie Sandford To Name Baby London Bridge?

Pregnant Frankie Sandford may not be due until November, but that hasn’t stopped The Saturdays star from dreaming up possible baby names, and it sounds like her and fiancé Wayne may pull a Kimye and give their first child a spectacularly LOLworthy title…

The 24-year-old Gentleman singer, whose footballer fiancé boasts the surname Bridge, admitted in an interview with Sugarscape: “Unfortunately, I quite like the name London. I think it’s a cool name but I’m not sure it’d work out. It’s just not fair though, is it?”

We don’t know Franks, London Bridge does have a certain celeb baby ring to it – plus, we’ve seen worse. Bronx Mowgli, anyone? “I don’t know – maybe I could get away with it”, Frankie continued. “Or I could start a whole uproar like Kim and Kanye. I might do it just for the fun of it!”

Speaking of which, what does the brunette songstress think of Kimye’s decision to name their little baby North West? “I don’t know – I just think each to their own”, she said. “Obviously it’s not ideal, but I just think ‘whatever’. They were never gonna name it anything run of the mill. They haven’t kept with the whole ‘K’ thing though, have they? I think everyone’ll just have to get used to it.”

Here here. The Beckhams put trendy city-themed baby names on the map with Brooklyn, so we reckon little London would be in excellent company.

By Robyn Munson

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