Frankie Sandford Struggling With Pregnancy Weight Gain

Frankie Sandford is four months into her pregnancy and looking fab, but The Saturdays‘ star admits she’s worried about having her pregnancy weight under constant scrutiny and is still adjusting to her changing body shape. 

The petite 23-year-old, who’s expecting her first child with footballer fiancé Wayne Bridge in November, told New! magazine: “I’m having to get used to my body changing. If I wasn’t on stage and being photographed all the time, I think I’d be more relaxed. There are a lot of things to get used to.”

“You can look good from one angle and not another. I think black is definitely the way forward with my pregnancy”, the singer said.

And it doesn’t look like her confectionary-based cravings are helping, either…

“I don’t usually crave chocolate – but I am now. I’m also craving strawberries, which isn’t a bad thing is it?!” Not in our books, Franks. Besides, if you can’t kick back and indulge a little when you’re preggers, when can you?! 

But luckily for the What About Us singer, her man has been on hand to help her dress the bump. “Wayne has been a godsend as every morning I’m like, ‘I’ve got nothing to wear!’. He’s been helping me to decide.”

We reckon he’s been doing a blinding job so far. Ever considered a career as a stylist, Wayne?

By Robyn Munson 

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