Frankie Sandford Shows Off Her Engagement Ring, Again!

Frankie Sandford is going to develop some killer biceps judging by the size of that incredible diamond engagement ring – wowzers!

The Saturdays star announced her engagement to footballer beau Wayne Bridge earlier this week by debuting her huge sparkler on Instagram and Twitter, and last night she took to the red carpet (ring in tow) with her bandmates to promote their newTV series in Munich, Germany.

Frankie’s engagement ring took centre stage, obvs (not even Mollie’s mega cute Chanel belt or Vanessa’s red pout could distract us) and we’re already speculating about just how mammoth the third Saturday wedding’s going to be.

With Rochelle Wiseman currently on maternity leave, it looks like Frankie’s engagement ring is standing in as the fifth member of the girl gang. Somehow we doubt we’re ever going to tire of staring at this baby, it’s just so damn shiny…

Written By Hannah Gale, 12 April 2013

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