Frankie Sandford Reveals Baby Bridge’s Cute Shoe Collection

Frankie Sandford‘s been spending the last few weeks of her maternity leave preparing for the arrival of baby Bridge just as any glam mum-to-be would – with a spot of shopping!

The pregnant 24-year-old, who’s due to drop any day now, is making sure she and footballer Wayne’s first child is going to follow The Saturdays‘ stylish lead with a brand new bundle of iddy-biddy shoes.

Sharing a snap on Instagram of the mini dark red Dr Martens, tiny denim Toms and black leather booties, Frankie also revealed her shoe spree wasn’t solely for the little one as she showed off her hot pink purchase too. 

“Baby @drmartens for bubba. And sensible new mum shoes for me…. May need to work on that one,” the shopaholic wrote next to her new sky-high heels. 

It seems Frankie can’t resist a touch of mummy-pampering as last month she unveiled her collection of pregnancy lotions and potions to help maximise her baby bump glow, but this mama’s shopping habit means she just can’t seem to tear herself away from Mothercare. 

Spotted with bags of clothes from the baby store, a trio of tiny outfits for her first son and now her latest shoe addition, it looks like Franks’ bub is going to be one stylish celeb kid. 

Just don’t forget to keep treating yourself every so often too, Franks! One for baby, one for me… 

By Claire Blackmore

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