Frankie Sandford Expected To Go Into Labour Any Day Now

Frankie Sandford has hinted that baby Bridge could be welcomed into the world ANY minute now as she gears up to give birth for the first time.

With her October due date fast approaching, The Saturdays star revealed that her friends and family are waiting on tenterhooks for that all-important call to announce that her baby boy is on his way.

“I can no longer call anyone without them going into a panic that I’ve gone into labour! Sometimes a preggo girl just wants a chat! Lol,” tweeted the pregnant singer.

After admitting to watching plenty of Ch4’s One Born Every Minute in preparation, 24-year-old Frankie also spilled about what she’s got in store for fiancé Wayne Bridge once the couple hit that hospital birthing suite…

“It won’t be worth his life if he misses it!”, she told The Mirror. “He wants to be there and it’s such a special moment for the two of [us]. He will go through the pain with me when I squeeze his hand!” 

Don’t forget to pack that paracetemol before you go then, Wayne. Here’s hoping we’ll have a new celeb baby by the end of this week!

By Robyn Munson

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