Frankie Gaff Just Confirmed On Twitter That She’s Left Made In Chelsea

After a VERY awkward blunder on Monday night's show...

Frankie Gaff seems to have confirmed that she’s left Made In Chelsea.

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After Monday night’s show, the 23-year-old headed to Twitter to leave the not-so-cryptic message: ‘Ciao Ciao 👋 onto the next adventure.’

Fans took this as her notice, with replies including: ‘I will miss your lovely face on MIC. Best of everything to you,’ and: ‘Going to miss watching you 💜.’

But unfortunately for Frankie, her last appearance on the E4 show didn’t go without a hitch. Fans couldn’t help noticing a pretty awkward gaffe (no pun intended) in a scene with her and co-star Olivia Bentley.

We saw Liv, 22, pop to Frankie’s flat to speak about their ongoing rift. But when she buzzed the apartment, Frankie spoke to her – and let her into the building – with a light switch. Errr.

frankie gaff

Frankie Gaff buzzed Olivia Bentley into her flat… with a light switch

Of course, eagle-eyed viewers were quick to point out the error on Twitter.

One wrote: ‘I haven’t watched Made in Chelsea for years and just watched that Frankie “buzz” her friend into the building… using a light switch… #next,’ while another said: ‘Did anyone else see that Frankie spoke into the kitchen light switch as if it was an intercom to let Liv into her apartment?’

Luckily, Frankie saw the funny side. On her page, she tweeted: ‘Light switches double up as intercoms.. didn’t you know? 😂.’

LOLz. We’re gonna miss you, girl.