Frankie Bridge On Introducing Sons Parker And Carter

It can be a little tricky for second-time mothers to introduce their newborns to their eldest child.

There’s one lady who knows all about this – Frankie Bridge. The 27-year-old welcomed son Carter last August, two years after the birth of first boy Parker.

But happily, it sounds as though Parker has adjusted well to the new addition to the family, although (understandably) it took a bit of time.

Frankie Bridge welcomed second son Carter last August


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Frankie tells MailOnline: ‘I think at the beginning he was a bit unsure, but he quickly got used to it.

‘I think it is a big adjustment at first, especially when they’re young themselves and a new one comes along.

Frankie Bridge gave birth to eldest Parker in 2013


‘I just didn’t push it, and I didn’t force him to play with Carter, and it played out really naturally.’

Aw. Now the pair have become firm friends, with Frankie continuing: ‘They really laugh together, and seeing the other makes the other one laugh more!

‘Parker’s really gentle with him, but wants to play with him at the same time. And for me its really nice to see that, and I kind of hope it stays that way.

Um. *How* adorable is Carter Bridge?!


‘I’m really close to my sister, so I’m hoping they’ll be the same.’

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Frankie Bridge shares parenting responsibilities with husband Wayne


We’re not going to lie, Frankie and husband Wayne’s family life sounds pretty perfect right now.

Ex-footballer Wayne, 35, is clearly a hands-on dad. As Frankie explains: ‘You know what, luckily we’re equal. I don’t think I would have liked someone that would leave all the horrible jobs to me.

Frankie Bridge’s family life sounds pretty lovely


‘So luckily he’s changed just as many, if not more, dirty nappies as I have.’

We’re glad to hear it, Wayne!