Frankie Bridge Makes Some Very Cheeky Comments About Husband Wayne

The Saturdays singer opens up about her and Wayne's, er, bedtime antics...

Frankie Bridge has revealed some personal details about her and husband Wayne’s relationship… again.

The 28-year-old singer appeared on Loose Women today, where she joined a debate about a psychologist’s claim that couples should have sex even when they’re not in the mood.

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Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge appeared on Loose Women this afternoon

Frankie said she disagreed with the argument, telling the panel: ‘Nine times out of 10 I will try and I can be persuaded, most of the time.

‘But my point was if I’ve sat there and made it obvious…we go to sleep really late, we get in bed and end up watching some rubbish TV or something – and if you got into bed at 10 and you wanted it then that’s maybe you should have gone in for the kill.

‘If it’s now gone midnight, I’m ready to go to sleep and you think it’s the right time to give it a go – and it’s never quick is it?

‘Wayne’s quite persistent, I’m not going to lie. I can be persuaded, but if I’m feeling fat or if I’m feeling anxious that day or if I’m overly tired or emotional, that makes me not in the mood, whereas men – they’re always in the mood aren’t they?’

Frankie Bridge has two sons with husband Wayne Bridge

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This isn’t the first time that Frankie – who was on the ITV1 programme to chat about her new game show Cannonball – has opened up about her love life in recent days.

When she and Wayne, 37, took part in Channel 4’s Married To A Celebrity earlier this month, she spoke openly about the topic of spontaneous sex.

Frankie and Wayne Bridge recently opened up about their sex life on Married To A Celebrity

The mum-of-two moaned at her hubby: ‘I’ll say: “Babe, I’ve got period pains,” “Babe, I’m tired,” “Babe I’ve got a headache.” Goes straight in one ear and out the other… You’ll be like: “Oh it’s a really good time to put the moves on at two in the morning.” If that’s what you know what you want, go for it three hours earlier!’

But Wayne wasn’t having any of it, responding: ‘I didn’t want it two hours earlier. I want it now. I just think if I woo you you’ll forget about the headache.’

God loves a trier… eh, Wayne?!