Frankie Bridge Opens Up About Her Cruel Pregnancy Trolls

The 27-year-old singer admits that internet bullies affected her the most while she was expecting her first son Parker...

Frankie Bridge has opened up about the impact internet trolls have had on her.

Like most people in the public eye, the 27-year-old’s been dealing with horrible messages for years. And, as you’d expect, this can take its toll.

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So last week, Frankie – who first found fame in S Club Juniors before becoming a member of girl band The Saturdays – appeared in a documentary focused on ending trolling for good.

Channel 5’s Celeb Trolls: We’re Coming To Get You saw the singer track down online bullies, in a bid to find out why they target people on social media.

Now she’s told OK!: ‘Seeing what these victims have gone through showed me that my experience with trolling is nothing in comparison, but I have had people call me fat, ugly, and some say that they hope I die.

Frankie Bridge spoke to presenter Gaby Roslin about her experience with trolls

‘For someone who hasn’t even met me to have such strong hate towards me is so odd.’

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She’s admitted that the most hurtful comments she received came when she was expecting her first son Parker, now two.

Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge says her trolls were at their worst while she was expecting her son Parker

Frankie – who’s also mum to one-year-old Carter – continues: ‘When it happened at its worst I was pregnant with Parker, I felt horrendous and really self-conscious, and hearing it from other people hits you right where it hurts.

‘I used to feel quite lonely when dealing with it, but I eventually spoke to [husband] Wayne and he’s been so supportive.’

These two ?… Only lasted a couple of seconds. Went back to hitting and annoying each other very quickly! Ha #brothers #boys

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If Parker and Carter ever experience something similar? Well, she says: ‘I hate the thought of someone saying something horrible to them, it would be heartbreaking.

‘But if it does happen then I like to think they would speak to me about it.’

We really hope it never does, lady.