Frankie Gaff Faces A Huge Made In Chelsea Backlash After *That* Episode

The Made In Chelsea star is not popular on Twitter after allegedly flirting with Jamie Laing's BFF, Alex Mytton...

Made In Chelsea wouldn’t be the same without its usual weekly dose of relationship dramas, and last night, Jamie Laing and Frankie Gaff’s romance came under fire in a big way.

The pair have already had numerous obstacles to overcome – namely, Jamie cheating and having unknown females sleeping over in his bed – but last night, it was Frankie’s turn to play bad cop.

It all kicked off when Jamie’s BFF, Alex Mytton, told Sam Thompson that he wasn’t sure about Frankie’s feelings for his pal.

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Tan me ☀️

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‘She’s bad news for him, she said “I don’t like Jamie, I like you'”, Alex said about a night out they had together. Eep.

Frankie herself then admitted to pal Olivia Bentley that she felt like her and Jamie were more ‘friends’.

‘I think we’re more friends than anything else,’ she said. ‘Even when we’re having sex it feels like more like we’re friends.’


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She also admitted to having had taken another guy’s number, revealing: ‘Before I used to be really well-behaved – almost rude to other people. Then, after hearing that Jamie’s been chatting crap about our relationships, I’ve decided to follow his lead.

‘He’s had girls in his bed, so it’s only fair’, she added.


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She wants to kiss me promise #nationalkissingday

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Of course, word of Frankie’s flirting soon got back to Laing, and he kicked off. ‘This is bullsh*t’, he said of his lady flirting with Mytton. ‘I don’t believe this – it isn’t true. But, if it is, why didn’t you tell me sooner?’

‘I said I like him – but only as a friend’, Frankie replied. ‘He’s so nasty. He’s trying to make me look bad.’

However, Twitter felt very strongly about the whole thing, and soon enough, tweets came in slamming Frankie for being ‘mean’.

‘Frankie Gaff is not very nice’, one MIC fan wrote.

‘Glad I’m not @FrankieGaff this episode! Not looking great for her! #MiCSOF’, tweeted another.

‘@FrankieGaff is suuuuuch a liar. Making a mug out of @JamieLaing_UK’, slammed a third.

However, Frankie hit back with a tweet of her own, which read: ‘Lols if only you knew’.

Another fan also posted a tweet, allegedly showing a DM from Frankie on Twitter, in which she reportedly said that her bad reputation was ‘out of her control, unfortunately’.

Hmm. Suggesting MIC could be totally scripted after all? With Frankie signed up as this series’ super villain?

We guess we’ll have to wait and see…