Why Are Some People *Slamming* Frankie Bridge’s Documentary?!

Last night, Frankie Bridge presented an incredible documentary on trolling. However, some people are slamming the show because of *this*...

Last night, Frankie Bridge hit up our lil’ boxes in her one woman mission to defeat online trolls in the Channel 5 documentary Celeb Trolls: We’re Coming to Get You. 

After revealing her own personal struggle with online bullies during a recent appearance on Lorraine, The Saturday’s ‘gal shared that she’s been at the brunt of  ‘some really nasty comments, things about my weight or past relationships, you know, death threats’.

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For Frankie, enough was enough, and last night’s documentary saw the lovely lady hunting down some of the people who had trolled her, whilst assisting fellow famous faces in their own hunt.

The show was definitely a hit with most viewers, with many taking to social media to share messages of congratulations to Frankie…

However, despite the documentary being incredibly interesting, some have actually taken to social media to criticise the format of the show, with viral beauty blogger Em Ford, the writer of the My Pale Face blog, slamming the documentary for ‘copying’ her.


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Em shot to viral fame after releasing her amazing ‘#Youlookdisgusting’ video- which has since received a mega 21-million views. During the footage, the YouTube ‘gal candidly shares her experience with trolling whilst removing her make-up to reveal acne scarring.

Since sharing the video, Em landed a presenting job in BBC3 documentary Troll Hunters– a programme which saw the blogger ‘targeting the alarming rise of online abuse in Britain by trying to track down the trolls responsible’.

Since Frankie’s documentary aired, Em has taken to social media to share that she feels the programme copied her own, sharing a screenshot of the shows synopsis with the caption: ‘Oh my, that’s an interesting concept for a show’…

One user replied to the tweet with: ‘I THOUGHT I’d seen something similar when I saw the advert! OOOO ripping off Em’, to which the blogger replied: ‘Sucks to be me’.

Em also retweeted a message which read: ‘Isn’t this celeb trolls on channel 5 just a rip off of the show @mypaleskinblog did?!’.


Whether or not the programme did copy Em, it’s *so* great to see such big names talking frankly about such an important topic.

Alice Perry