Frankie Bridge Sparks Baby Monitor Debate On Instagram

The Saturdays singer has opened up a conversation about when to ditch the baby monitor...

Frankie Bridge might be super famous, but when it comes to knowing what’s right for her kids, she seeks advice just like any other mum.

And this time, the mum-of-two has asked her fans for help with knowing when to ditch the baby monitor.

Kicking off with her parenting question on Instagram, Frankie wrote: ‘Mums!!!! When do you stop using a baby monitor?! Don’t feel like I can let go!!!!’

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And she certainly wasn’t short of replies, with Frankie’s question kicking off a huge parenting discussion.

One group said that they stopped using theirs around the three year mark, with one writing: ‘I only stopped using my little girls monitor when she was 3 years old after her little brother was born and we decided to use the monitor for him. We couldn’t hear her otherwise.’

‘Used ours until my eldest was 3! My youngest is still sleeping in our room at 9 months! I’d probably still have it on my eldest now at 5 if I could ?’, added another.

Some replied saying they didn’t use them at all – ‘Never used a baby monitor ever’ – or that Frankie should try turning hers off for her sanity.

‘Be brave. You’ll hear him cry if he needs you. Enjoy the sleep. My second is 11 months and stopped altogether now’, one commented.

‘Turn it off & get some sleep, you will hear if they cry…. Mum of four… Needs sleep!!’ said another.

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Whilst a lot of people simply agreed that Frankie should decide for herself. with one saying: ‘If you arent ready keep using it, mummys gut instinct is the best tool to use’.

‘Don’t push yourself @francescabridge, if you’re not ready keep using it’, added another.

It’s certainly an interesting debate – where do you stand on baby monitors? Or is it simply a case of each to their own? Tweet us @lookmagazine!