Frankie Bridge Opens Up About Battling Anxiety And How Freddie Flintoff Helped Her Through It

The singer turned TV presenter has opened up about how her pal Freddie helps her deal with her anxiety...

From S Club Juniors and The Saturdays to Strictly Come Dancing and now Cannonball – Frankie Bridge has been successful in so many aspects of her career.

So it may come as a surprise to some that the gorgeous, talented Frankie has been battling anxiety throughout her life.

Talking to The Telegraph last month, Frankie opened up about her struggles, and how much better she feels having spoken openly about it: ‘By talking about it, I’m not hiding anything now which is why the big message is we all need to talk about it.’

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She continued: ‘People assume it’s a rich person’s illness, or that it can’t happen to you if you’re ‘successful’ and ‘beautiful’ – even I’ve thought that. But it’s ignorant people still think like that in this day and age, and it’s sad.’

Discussing how her husband Wayne grew to understand her struggle with mental health, Frankie admitted: ‘He didn’t understand it at first, but he made it his mission to understand it. He gets it now.’

‘I don’t worry so much about myself; I have my kids and husband to think about,’ the mother-of-two went on. ‘I’m a lot more relaxed with them than everyone thought I’d be. I have control of it now, rather than it having control of me.’

Frankie presents new Saturday evening show Cannonball alongside Freddie Flintoff

And now the former singer has spoken to the Loose Women about how her close pal and fellow Cannonball presenter Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff has helped her with self-doubt.

‘Freddie is probably one of my favourite people I’ve ever met in my life. He has an amazing way of looking at life,’ she praised the former Cricket hero.

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‘And he’s completely opposite to me, so where I’ll be like ‘oh I shouldn’t go for that job because I’ll be rubbish or whatever’ he’s like ‘well that’s their problem – if they give me a rubbish job I do a rubbish job then they’re the ones that hired me.”

Cannonball airs on ITV at 7pm on Saturdays

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Freddie actually appeared on the panel show himself earlier this year, bravely opening up about his battle with bulimia.

‘I took my wife to really expensive hotel in Dubai,’ Freddie began explaining the moment he realised he had a problem. ‘This was when we were first dating so I wanted to impress her. I had scallops and after that I went to the bathroom to be sick.’

He continued: ‘I realised I had just paid £300 or £400 on scallops just to throw it up. My wife and I then talked about it, I knew I had a problem.’

We think it is seriously courageous for both Frankie and Freddie to have spoken publicly about these issues. Good on you, guys.