6 Foods To Contour Your Face

From strobing to contouring, make-up trends right now are all about achieving Kendall-esque cheekbones and a Jourdan Dunn jawline. But did you know that getting a perfectly sculpted face starts way before you reach your make-up bag? Yep, what you add to your plate at mealtimes could give you a selfie-perfect profile in a matter of weeks…


Nothing makes your face glow quite like a helping of Popeye’s favourite. It will naturally highlight your face, thus emphasizing those killer cheekbones. “Spinach is rich in vitamin A which is important for healthy skin cell turnover,” explains nutritionist Kim Pearson. “Making sure that your skin is constantly renewing itself ensures a fresh glowing complexion.”


> Food contouring: Spinach



Firm up the loose skin around your jawline with citrus fruits. Consuming fruits such as tangerines will tone up the area, due to the high Vitamin C content which can trigger the production of collagen. They’re also rich in in zinc and selenium, all which help produce elastin to keep everything nice and tight.  


Like a natural Valencia filter, Omega 3s smooth and plump out the skin and Oysters are mega-rich in them. However, if they are a little out your price range, other oily fish like sardines and mackerel work just as well. “Omega 3 present in oily fish is important for healthy skin function,” says Kim, while also pointing out some women may need an added boost. “Dry skin is a key sign of omega 3 deficiency so eat oily fish regularly or take an omega 3 supplement to ensure smooth, supple complexion.”

> Food contouring: Oysters



Forget fillers – to achieve Angelina-Jolie-worthy lips instantly, just up your intake of red peppers. Capsicum, the component of red peppers that gives them their spice, improves blood flow and circulation.

> Food contouring: Red peppers


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As you get older, you may notice your skin around your neck starting to sag, but by simply adding a side of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and brussels sprouts could sort this right out. Like citrus fruits they contain a high source of Vitamin C and zinc to improve loose skin.

> Food contouring: Broccoli


“Tumeric is well known for its powerful anti inflammatory properties and has been shown to,” says Kim. So basically sprinkle that bright yellow powder everything to spice up your meals and keep skin stress free and toned!

> Food contouring: Turmeric