So Are You Refrigerating Your Food ALL Wrong?

We’re probably all guilty of using the fridge as a bottomless pit of storage space to house our food. 

Yup. Let’s be honest, it can get a little grim in there sometimes. 

Who hasn’t found an out-of-date courgette or a mouldy old block of cheese at the back of their food cooler before now? 

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It turns out that we might not have been using our fridges correctly. Apparently, there’s some foods that definitely shouldn’t be kept in there. Even MORE of a reason for a clear-out.  

America’s Test Kitchen chef and food science expert Dan Souza says that there’s a list. A list of things that we should NEVER be put in the fridge. And it’s ‘basically endless’, he says.

Speaking to Tech Insider, our new friend Dan explains, ‘Storing at the right temperature is important.’ And that doesn’t always mean that food needs to be cold, FYI.


The worst offenders?

Bread. It goes stale when subjected to the cold, and the fridge ‘can actually make the bread go bad faster.’

And onions. He calls them alliums, which is basically the umbrella term for onions, garlic, shallots, leeks, etc. These shouldn’t be kept in the fridge. These go mushy in the fridge. Eww.

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This got us thinking about all of the things WE keep in our fridges. 

According to, other no-nos include honey (because it preserves itself naturally anyway) and avocado (unless you want them to stay hard for longer. Because it won’t start to ripen up in the fridge, guys). 

Wow. That’s us told, then.