FOMO Is Causing Us Some Serious Health Problems

FOMO is officially more than just a playful catchphrase we band around to convince ourselves that we NEED another night out with the girls on a Friday. 

Because, who knows what we might miss out on while we’re hiding in our duvets watching Netflix?

According to one scientific study, FOMO might actually have a more sinister meaning for us. 

Why? In a nutshell, because it’s keeping us up at night. 

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The University of Glasgow has warned that pre-teens and teenagers are spending more and more time on social media, and that those who are feel pressures to be available all of the time.

We’re sure this is something we can all relate to, no? With so many instant messaging apps popping up, we’ve got a near-constant live stream of conversation.

>Lauren Conrad keeps her phone firmly in her hand as she struts through New York

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According to the study, those who spent more time on social media were more vulnerable to experiencing feelings of anxiety around “missing out”.  

Sound familiar?

Dr. Heather Cleland Woods and Holly Scott also noted that feeling the need to be “responding to posts or texts immediately can increase anxiety.”

Interestingly, the students who were more invested in their online presence reported more problems linking to their sleeping patterns.

Well, who hasn’t gone to bed early, only to spend another hour scrolling through Instagram and commenting on trending topics on Twitter? 

We’re guilty too. But it’s just so addictive. 

Dr. Woods explains: “While overall social media use impacts on sleep quality, those who log on at night appear to be particularly affected.”

Tonight we’ll be turning to a good book or a magazine when we slip under the covers… 

…Before plugging back in first thing in the morning.


By Laura Jane Turner