New Invention Could Change *That* Period Sex Question

Period sex. Yup, it sure can be a controversial topic of conversation. 

Should you, or shouldn’t you? 

Well, really, it’s every couple’s personal decision. But if you did venture into that territory, it would probably be a little, erm, messy. 

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But now, a new product is here to completely change ALL of that. 

In fact, the website boasts that ‘you can have sex every day of the month, uninterrupted, on your own terms.’

San Franciscan-based company FLEX have invented an alternative to the sanitary towel and the tampon, that’s designed to be worn during sex.

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This little disc works to create a soft barrier to the cervix, which temporarily blocks the flow of of your period.

Better yet, it’s doctor-approved and can be worn for up to 12 hours. According to the brand’s site, it’s hypoallergenic, BPA-free and presents no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Well, it could definitely stop a few awkward date conversations.

And save a lot of sheets…