Five Reasons Why Romeo Beckham Is Cooler Than Us

Romeo Beckham‘s new Burberry ad has been unveiled and features the mini model’s coolest look to date.

Starring alongside a very serious Charlie France and Edie Campbell, Romeo stands with his arms folded in a metallic Burberry shirt and new Splash sunglasses for the SS13 campaign, posted to Twitter this afternoon.

But on a dreary, wet and dragging Friday afternoon, we’ve decided that Romeo is not only the coolest little celebrity on the A-list, but the ten-year-old is officially hotter property than all the LOOK girls put together. 

Here’s why:

1. His natural hair colour is better than our £200 highlights.

2. He looks cooler than his dad in sunglasses.

3. He can probably actually afford said sunglasses.

4. He’s lived in Madrid, LA and London.

5. He makes hot models Charlie France and Edie Campbell look like pretty average, normal people.

If you ever want to adopt a fifth child/adult, Victoria and David – we can totally rock a Burberry trench. RM