Five Quick And Tasty Snacks For Shiny, Healthy Hair



Want gorgeous hair like the models at Elie Saab or the glossy locks of Louise Thomson? You’re not alone. We’re all after that touchably soft, healthy hair, that’s why we’ve consulted the best in the business to talk about taming your tresses. 

The way we eat doesn’t just affect our bodies, says consultant trichologist Zoe Passam, who works for renowned hair specialsists Philip Kingsley Clinic. “A good diet is vital to benefit hair,” says Zoe. “Apart from bone marrow, hair has the fastest dividing cells in the body, so it has a very high demand for energy. The hair may become depleted of nutrients if you have long gaps between meals, so be sure to eat at least every four hours.”

Ok, let’s start piling up our plates!


Helps with: Preventing Breakage

“Eating two portions of protein a day – ideally at least one for breakfast – will provide amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and prevent split ends. Chicken is perfect, but also try fish, eggs, lentils or tofu.”



Helps with: Shine

“We recommend eating omega 3-rich foods like walnuts or fish at least twice a week as it can help regulate oil production. Drinking plenty of water will also ensure adequate hydration for the scalp. 


Louise Thompson





Dried fruit

Helps with: Volume

“To volumise your locks, you need to boost your levels of vitamin B12. Dried fruit is a great source of this, but also try eating at least one portion of red meat per week or consume yeast extracts such as Marmite.”

Red Peppers

Helps with: Growth

“Foods rich in vitamin C such as red peppers and broccoli, will help the body absorb iron more efficiently – which is vital for healthy growth. Don’t forget to also eat plenty of iron-rich foods, like red meat, dark green veg and wholemeal bread.”


Helps with: Softness

“The sun and pollution can dry out hair, so the best defence is to eat foods containing antioxidants. Try cherries, blackberries and pomegranates. Dark fruits have a potent antioxidant, polyphenol, which is the most effective.”