Fitness On Toast Blogger Spills On Her Full Workout Regime

If you are ever in need of some fitness inspo – you need look no further than wellness guru and former personal trainer Faya Nilsson – the mastermind behind Fitness On Toast. Classes to get toned abs like Faya’s? Healthy recipe ideas? It’s all there…

And now the Fitness On Toast blogger has teamed up with Plantronics to create a series of desk based exercises using a wireless headset to get us moving at work. Yes, that includes the LOOK team…

Hi Faya! Talk us through your exciting new campaign with Plantronics…

We’ve put together quite a few different exercises to target your entire body – whether its triceps, dips or squats. You might feel a bit silly getting up in the office and moving around but people need to do it more! The best thing you can do is get up little and often…

Your top motivational tracks to work out to?

I’m a massive Beyonce fan – I love Runnin’ [Lose It All], January by Disclousure and a bit of Lana Del Ray is always good!

Do you like to mix up your fitness routine?

Typically, I work out three to four times a week. I change it up all the time – whether it’s strength training, yoga, body weights or TRX. The key is making sure it’s challenging! I also try to power walk maybe two or three times a week first thing in the morning. When I have time I like to try and fit in a new fitness class too.

Instagram credit: @fitnessontoast


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Any classes you’re excited to try?

I’ve been invited to Ravercise which I’d love to try – everyone klind of dresses up and dances for an hour. And I really want to try one with a massive indoor trampoline room – it looks so fun!

And what’s your pre-workout snack to sustain you?

I’ve got loads of recipes on my blog [], but my favourite are my little energy balls. I make them with prunesm, nuts, some coconut oil and then usually just coat them in really dark chocolate or almond flake. They’re so easy. Then after a workout I would say eat within the hour – something lean like a tuna steak and quinoa salad with avocado.

Instagram credit: @fitnessontoast

Instagram credit: @fitnessontoast


You always look amazing, even breaking a sweat. What’s your fitness style?

The luxury with fitness fashion is you can go abit bonkers! My style is actually quite boring but when I’m working out I prefer big, bright, bold styles. Or if it’s yoga a more dance, layered vibe. My favourite brand is Monreal London and I love Adidas for their classics, like their trainers. I would love to do a fitness clothing range – that would be the dream.

By Emma Firth