These Celeb Loved Emojis Will Get You Fit

Ugh January. The time when when our wine is replaced by green smoothies, we’re no longer allowed to nap all day and evenings once spent at the pub are down the gym. But, bringing a little joy to the most miserable month of the year are these new emojis – which are all fitness themed! Because an emoji makes everything better, right?

Virgin Active have created 36 bespoke emojis to give you a little #emojivation (get it?!) as we all try to get that little bit fitter. So now you can totally #humblebrag that you’re at yoga with a little emoji in the tree pose or make your morning jog a bit more bearable with the fast runner.

And you’ll be in good company as all the super fit celebs are already getting their #emojivation on, from Millie Mackintosh to Zoe Hardman.

Millie Mackintosh loves them Millie Mackintosh loves them


There, hasn’t that news just cheered up your month?

You can get the Virgin Active #Emojivation app from the App Store and Google Play store

Zoe Hardman loves them Zoe Hardman loves them